An Audio/Video Performance To Benefit


Treanor Animation, HDADD™, Meat Water and ARC studios are pleased to present “Do It Live”, an audio/video performance to benefit the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, on Friday, June 13th from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am at the Pell-Chafee Center, 87 Empire Street, Providence.

The evening will feature some of the world’s top audio/video artists, including Aerostatic, Brian Kane, David Lublin, Duncan Laurie, Jeswa, Nalepa, Ooah, Peter Kirn, Richard Devine, RNDM and Robotkid, Synesthete and Unkle Thirsty.

The performance is being held to benefit the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council. Proceeds will go toward fulfilling the mission of the WRWC, which is to encourage, support, and promote the restoration and preservation of the Woonasquatucket River Watershed.

Over the past two summers, many of the artists featured in “We’ll Do It Live” have convened for an informal salon at the Jamestown studio of sound artist and radionics expert Duncan Laurie. Last year Laurie staged a performance at Fort Adams called Water Music Remix during tall ships weekend.

Photos of the event are available on flickr:

Featured artists include:

AEROSTATIC (Native State Records)

Aerostatic is Terry Golob and Michele Darling, based in Brooklyn, NY. They compose and perform a hybrid style of electronic music that is atmospheric, ambient, microbeat and downtempo with breakcore/grindcore sensibilities. Aerostatic utilize artifacts of sound generated by digital and analog processes in conjunction with a variety of interactive technologies, to compose and design audio environments for performance, film, and installations. Their work has been featured in shows and festivals in the U.S., U.K., Italy, and Australia. Aerostatic perform regularly throughout New York City and Brooklyn. They have also played in Italy, Vienna, Argentina, Rhode Island, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Their piece "Continuous" was included on the ambient compilation CD, Beneath The Surface on Native State Records. Aerostatic also composed the soundtrack for the Hub Culture Retrospective: Antarctica DVD by Hub Culture, UK. Their Digital EP 'Code' has recently been put out by Native State Records. Aerostatic did a remix for the forthcoming CD 'Water Music Remixed', a beautiful compilation by several cutting edge electronic artists who reinterpreted parts of Handel's Water Music.


Brian Kane is the Karl Rove of the Art World.


David Lublin of Vidvox and lmnopf is not professional enough to have anything to say about himself artistically, but nonetheless his act is still worth checking out.


Duncan Laurie is a sculptor and audio artist that has been exploring and writing about semiotics and the relationship of subtle energy technology (psychotronic and radionic) to art; devising sonic plant and mineral communication experiments for artistic presentation. He has been featured in Make magazine and the Sound issue of Visionaire, which featured the likes of David Byrne, Yoko Ono, U2, and Michael Stipe. Using brainwave monitors, he has been coaxing small voltages out of plants and rocks to drive Ableton Live.

JOSHUA KAY aka JESWA (Soul Oddity, Phoenecia, Schematic Records)

Joshua Kay aka Jeswa is the founder of Schematic Records and one half of the pioneering electronic groups Phoenecia and Soul Oddity. As Soul Oddity, they were hometown champions of electronic music, pioneering Miami’s rave scene with a sound that combined Detroit electro with Miami bass funk creating something undeniably powerful for the dancefloor. As Phoenecia, the quirky duo (Joshua Kay and Romulo del Castillo) spearheaded the Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) movement with their inventive, chirpy, blip-and-bass antics. Josh set aside recording to run their label, Schematic Music, and to manage other artists. But lately they’ve been performing out again, including a Soul Oddity tribute concert in the Design District that drew hundreds of old-school fans clamoring for the once-hot tune "DJ Tokyo." Phoenecia puts art -- abstract collages of synthesized sound -- before pandering to fans. The future-is-now approach leads many to consider them legends ahead of their time. Schematic Artists include Delarosa & Asora, Richard Devine, Din-ST, Dino Felipe, Finesse And Runway, Nick Forté, Hearts Of Darknesses, Jeswa, Kiyo, o9, Otto Von Schirach, Phoenecia, Takeshi Muto, Secret Frequency Crew and Shapeshifter

NALEPA (Native State Records)

LA-based electronic musician, multimedia artist and mad scientist collector Steve Nalepa combines deep dub bass, glitchy breaks, bioacoustic atmospheres and beautiful sinewave melodies to create his patented brand of ambient glitch dub. Nalepa has produced tracks with such legends as Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders, worked with the LA Philharmonic, shared a bill with Amon Tobin and DJ Spooky at Walt Disney Concert Hall, rocked Flavorpill's Friday's Off the 405 Series at the Getty Museum and performed on The Do Lab Stage at Coachella 2007. Nalepa is one of the artists featured in Visionaire 53 SOUND which includes 100 original sound pieces by David Byrne, U2, Danger Mouse, Dan The Automator, Yoko Ono and more. When he's not in the lab or rocking dancefloors together with Tokyo-based MattB as Bass Science, Nalepa can be found teaching Ableton Live, ProTools and Reason to the students in his Principles of Music Technology classes at Chapman University Conservatory of Music.

OOAH (The Glitch Mob, Alpha Pup)

In the heart of the deep south, New Orleans, Louisiana a sound was born. That sound was comprised from threads of punk, jazz, and of course, hip hop. That sound is Ooah. From the age of 16 when he started playing house parties, Josh Mayer knew he wanted to make music and so took that desire straight to the west coast to pull from and add a unique flavor to the electronic movement that has been steadily growing there for years. As a result, Josh started his career as a hip hop battle DJ, and has never left his dirty south roots behind though his path has taken him from the south to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Burning Man, New York and abroad. Currently Ooah spends his time composing as a solo artist and for The Glitch Mob. The Mob is comprised of Ooah, edIT, Kraddy, and Boreta. The four artists together on stage are like nothing that exists elsewhere. Their sound is a fusion of hip-hop and subsonic electronic music recently described as “Futuristic Crunk” or “Laser Bass” in The New Yorker. To watch The Mob is a unique experience every time as each set is entirely new depending on the composition and mixing by each of its members. In a word, freestyle. As a solo artist, Ooah’s music is comprised of hip-hop, dubstep, IDM, and more. His unmistakable style can be found in the company of such artists as Flying Lotus, Noisia, The Grouch and Eligh, Megasoid, Mala, Deru, and Matisyahu. Ooah is presently recording both a solo album and an album with The Glitch Mob.

PETER KIRN (CreateDigitalMusic)

Peter Kirn is a composer/musician, media artist, technologist, writer, and the editor-in-chief of Create Digital Music. His work has been presented around the world and televised on CBC-TV Canada and TV-5 Europe, and he regularly performs as a laptop musician and keyboardist. As a regular contributor to Keyboard and Macworld magazines, he has written about music technology and musicians; his book Real World Digital Audio came out in December 2005 on Peachpit Press. He has also presented lectures, workshops, and master classes at conferences, universities, and schools, both on his own work and music and media technology. He has studied at Sarah Lawrence College and the City University of New York Graduate Center, where he is finishing his Ph.D. in music composition.

RICHARD DEVINE (Schematic/Warp/Sublight/Asphodel/Detroit Underground)

During the past three years, Richard Devine has remixed top Warp artists like Aphex Twin and Mike Patton (Faith No More). He has released 4 full-length albums on Schematic, Warp, Asphodel, and Sublight records and has performed his own ear-tearing music mayhem worldwide. Based from Atlanta, Georgia he has done film score work for Touchstone Pictures (with John Hues & Kyle Cooper). He has also collaborated with BT (Brian Transeau on movie "Surveillance" Directed by Adam Rifkin, Wieden & Kennedy, AKQA Inc., and have done sound mangling/programming for Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, composed and designed commercials for the Nike Shoe Company and worked with various companies doing sound design for Audi, BMW, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Scion, Coke, LandRover, Lexus, Peugeot, Dodge, HBO, Nestle, Nike Japan, McDonald's, Sprite, Sony, Spike Television network and XBOX (Halo2 and 3 for Microsoft Gamming Division https://www.halo3.com. He has also worked with Konami gaming division for the Dance-Dance Revolution game. And currently now for Sony Play station PS3 (Infected) for Dawn of the Dead. He has also recently completed all the sound design for the new xbox360. https://www.xbox360.com, and "Gears of War, Forza, and Massive Effects websites. In conjunction with TV and film work Richard also has done programming and sound design work with major audio companies. His work has been featured on new software and hardware titles from many innovative companies such as Native Instruments, Izotope, WayOutware, Eventide Effects Company, GRM tools, Korg, Clavia Nord, Alesis, Akai, Ableton Live, Apple Computers, Access Virus, DigiDesign, Openlabs, Universal Audio, Hartmann Neuron synthesizers, Stanton Magnetics DJ Company, Roland, Propellerheads, Yamaha and M-Audio Division.


RNDM & ROBOTKID represent the next stage of audio/visual live performance. Using turntable-controlled video playback systems, the DJ/VJ duo sample from their extensive knowledge of pop culture and eclectic music to create audio-visual remixes live on stage. dj RNDM, a Boston native, is one of the city's hottest up and coming DJs. An avid turntablist, RNDM brings a unique flair to his performances by combining different styles and techniques, from mixing and scratching to juggling and blending. www.djrndm.com ROBOTKID makes musical games (Rock Band) by day and video art for bands/DJ's by night. Robotkid has been performing in Boston-area clubs for over 10 years. You can see some of his work online at www.robotkid.com


VJ Synesthete (Todd Thille), an Istanbul based multi-media artist, has VJed with top audio artists in the US and Europe, the likes of Sven Vath, Talvin Singh, DJ Spooky, The Orb and Transglobal Underground. He won the first (and so far only) Maker Faire VJ Battle, besting a pool of 8 talented artists. He has been building custom hardware and software for his live performances, working with Rhode Island based artist Duncan Laurie recently to incorporate Nature signals.


Simply put, Unkle Thirsty make cups. Since completing his MFA at RISD in 2003, he’s been moonlighting as a psychogeographer with PIPS, an artist collective he co-founded. He has a strong background in craft and has recently rejoined his ceramic roots by making utilitarian pottery. His goal is to stimulate conversation about contemporary social issues while sharing a "cup" of coffee or tea.